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How to Care for your Flowers

​Just like in nature, your flowers will naturally blossom and wilt at different times. When any of the petals begins to wilt, pick them out from the bunch so they don’t spoil the rest. The life of flowers can vary from 5 days to a few weeks depending on the variety and care. 

Always recut the stems approximately 1-2cm on an angle with a sharp pair of clippers or knife. If the blade is blunt. It will crush the stems preventing water from travelling to the flower. 

Find a lovely cool spot inside your home for the flowers that is away from direct sunlight, heat and any draughts. 

Remove any leaves or foliage that will be below water level to prevent bacteria entering the water and reducing life of the flowers. Stems should only be in the water.

Ensure the flowers are placed into a squeaky clean vase to prolong the flowers life.

Change the water every day or two and recut stems as needed.

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